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Kia Mont-Laurier & The Ocean Cleanup : A shared commitment to clean oceans
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As environmental protection becomes a global priority, Kia Mont-Laurier is partnering with The Ocean Cleanup in an ambitious mission : to remove plastic waste from our oceans. This collaboration perfectly illustrates how innovation and ecological responsibility can combine to create a more sustainable future. A new chapter in the fight against plastic pollution The partnership between Kia and...

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Safe on the road with Kia Mont-Laurier

The road is unpredictable, but your peace of mind shouldn't be. Kia Mont-Laurier offers comprehensive roadside assistance, available 24/7, included in the warranty of your new vehicle. Roadside assistance : Available at any time Your Kia vehicle comes with 24-hour roadside assistance. In an emergency, a simple call or use of our app ensures a quick and effective response. 24/7...

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Confident winter driving with Kia Mont-Laurier
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The Canadian winter challenges even the most experienced drivers. At Kia Mont-Laurier, we understand the importance of reliable winter tires to ensure your safety and that of your family during these harsh months. The importance of choosing the right tires for your Kia Selecting winter tires should not be taken lightly. Adequate tires not only improve road handling and braking but also influence...

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